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Each Sunday we offer three main regular group road rides led by our members over varying distances of different speeds to ensure everyone has the chance to ride at their level and enjoy being out on their road bike. Every other Sunday during the spring summer we also plan to have a slower G4 ride. See the calendar page and our Facebook page to see what dates G4 rides run.

We meet at the Propellor monument opposite Dorvics at the bottom of Leighton Buzzard High Street for an 8:30am depart. This may change due to weather condtions so please check the Facebook ride post.

We welcome all riders, just choose your challenge from the groups below. All new members must ride with G3 for their first ride with the club.

The focus on all club rides is keeping the group together. None of the rides are training rides, so please don’t arrive expecting to fit your interval training in to the club ride.

As with all club rides, helmets are mandatory.

Just keep an eye on our Facebook Group for general information and the upcoming routes per group. 

The ride speeds and distance are for reference this can change on the day due to group size, terrain, weather and ability of riders and will be agreed with the ride lead.


All Club Rides meet at the propeller across the road from Dorvics

Group 4 (G4)

Group 4 rides, these will be continuing for spring and summer, they are not just for beginners or riders who do not have much group riding experience, but also for those looking for a shorter distance route at a pace to suit all riders in the group.  Speed will be from 10mph with no-one left behind. G4 rides will be on alternating Sundays throughout Spring and Summer, please check the calendar or our facebook group for when these are running.

Group 3 (G3)

Group 3 distance varies from 30 to 40 miles with an average speed of between 12 and 14 mph. The group rides at the pace of the slowest rider and no-one is dropped. All new riders will ride with G3 on their first ride (unless riding with G4)

Group 2 (G2)

Group 2 ride leads take us off at an average 14 – 16 mph over 40-50 miles to meet G3 riders after a taking in a few extra miles to the coffee shop. There will be opportunity to change groups at the coffee stop, should different groups meet at the same location. Again, G2 will ride at the pace of the slowest rider in the group and try to stay as a group up hills, and try to practice regular rotations on the front of the group. As the most popular group, G2 is often split in to two groups when there is a high turnout of riders.

Group 1.5 (G1.5)

Group 1.5 ride leads take us off at an average 16 – 18 mph over 50-70 miles. Again, G1.5 will ride at the pace of the slowest rider in the group and try to stay as a group up hills, and  practice regular rotations on the front of the group. 

Group 1 (G1)

Group 1 rides are a quicker paced ride averaging 17mph+ over a 55+ mile route. The group will ride as a tight group practicing regular rotations, working well as a group. G1 riders will need a level of self-sufficiency and be self aware should they not be on form that day and find themselves regularly off the back of the group. G1 will often stop for coffee.

Member Organised Ad-Hoc Rides

We also have additional rides on some Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons, and evening rides throughout the week. These are generally organized by individual members so look out for these posts on Facebook. Also note that these may not always focus on sticking together quite so much as official club rides, so check with the person organising the ride what the plan is, for example the ride may be focussed on hill climbing or training.

Our group rides coordinator is Tom Ernest. Keep and eye on Facebook, Twitter and Garmin for all ride details and social events.

Clubhouse: The Black Lion Public House, High Street, Leighton Buzzard Beds.

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The Black Lion Public House, High Street, Leighton Buzzard Beds.