Rules and Etiquette for Riding in Groups

LBRCC wants riders to gain maximum enjoyment from their group road rides. We would like everyone to make a point of reading the following rules and etiquette and following them. We have taken the opportunity to include items that may help all cyclists.

Safety and Risk Management

·       All riders must wear a Helmet – No helmet, No ride with LBRCC

·       All new riders to the club to join G3 on their first ride and move across to other groups in agreement with the ride lead. We only allow bikes for road riding including hybrids.

·       Follow the requirements of the Highway Code – consider your own conduct during a ride and respect other road users

·       We will politely point out any deviations to the rider(s) concerned. We may request persistent offenders do not join future group rides

·       All riders take part in the group rides at their own risk

·       Consider a suitable public liability insurance for cycling – British Cycling membership includes 3rd Party insurance and free legal assistance

·       All riders must ensure their bicycle is road worthy and fit for purpose. Poorly maintained cycles are a not just a risk to the rider, but also a risk to other riders in the group. Tri-Bars are not allowed in group rides.


General Etiquette

·       Follow the guidance from the ride leaders.

·       Follow and pass on instructions from the group Leader, communicate within the group and pass messages forwards / backwards

·       Advise if a rider is off the back, always look after the riders behind you

·       Ride steadily. Maintain a steady effort and do not surge. Steady effort is more important than steady speed

·       Anticipate changing gear for upcoming hills and do not surge. Try not to get out of the saddle, this can cause your bike to push back into the rider behind

·       No racing. Only pass ride leader or front of the group if invited / directed

·       Ride as a tight group – 2 abreast no more than an arm’s length from the adjacent rider with handlebars level – no half wheeling

·       Hold the wheel in front – do not overlap wheels with the rider in front and do not to leave a gap more than 1 metre between your front wheel and their back wheel

·       When rotating, the front rider should pull across in front on the rider on their left. Once in front, settle back in to the same steady pace – do not continue to pull away

·       Do not “wave through” a following vehicle

·       Do not react to bad driving incidents with gestures etc

·       Riders should advise the Leader if they decide to leave the group for any reason.


Ride Leads

·       The Leader will plan and follow a suitable route, give assertive directions and advice to riders, ensuring appropriate road safety behaviour and courtesy to other road users.

·       At start, leader will introduce them self, announce the destination, route and mileage with any hazards en-route, and any other special riding plans or tips. Will also welcome and support new riders.

·       If needed, a Ride Assistant (or agreed volunteer on the day) can cycle at the back of the group and look out for riders who may be struggling, and give guidance and coaching to other riders.

·       The Leader will call out rotation changes, provides clear route directions and will provide guidance to other riders regarding safety and etiquette.

·       Will advise if a rider is too slow, too fast, or is unsafe.

·       Will ensure pace is consistent, ensuring front riders do not surge the pace and go off the front

·       The Leader will keep an eye out for riders who are struggling and moderate the pace if required.

·       The Leader will need to be prepared to move up towards the front of the group in certain situations in order to ensure control is maintained, eg if approaching a difficult set of junctions.


Warning Calls When Riding in a Group

·       “Car up” There is a vehicle coming up behind the group

·       Car down” There is a vehicle approaching towards

·       “Single” vehicle unable to pass the 2 abreast column safely- Outside rider drops back behind the inside rider- Slow up and create spaces in the inside file

·       “Clear” or “Car” on “Left/Right” call alerts riders at junctions – Riders behind must also always check before proceeding rather than solely relying on the calls

·       “Hole Left/Right” for larger road defects that could cause a rider to fall. It is always useful to point at the defect when safe to do so

·       “Steady” If the pace on the front of the group picks up causing the group to become strung out or riders to drop off of the back. The riders on the front will steady the pace allowing the bunch to re-group.

·       “On the Left/Right” A general warning of some kind of hazard

·       “Stopping” “Slowing” “Right Hand moving in an up and down action”. If you brake without letting those behind know your intention they can easily run into you

·       “Puncture/ Mechanical” Let others know we will wait while you repair it.

·       “Horse(s)” Take special care and pass as widely as possible. Make sure horse and rider are aware of your presence. Keep pedalling slowly and keep noise to a minimum


Helpful Hints for New Cyclists

·       As a road cycling club we recommned a bicycle for road use such as a road bike or hybrid with suitable tyres

·       Ride safe and listen to your ride leaders

·       Don’t try to push yourself too hard but some general fitness is necessary

·       Carry personal details, food and drink, and tools including a spare tube

·       Riders aged 16 and 17 may ride with parental approval and will otherwise be treated as adults.

·       Wear cycle-specific clothing

·       Carry Mudguards to prevent you and the rider behind you getting wet and dirty

·       Keep your bike in good condition 

·       Visitors and potential members are welcome to try the rides free of charge but should be encouraged to apply for membership after their second ride.


All riders must wear a Helmet – no helmet no ride with LBRCC

Light up  If the weather is bad please bring lights